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The Cougar (Bacherlorette)
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TV Land: 4/15/2009-6/3/2009
MTV Networks
Next Entertainment
Warner Horizon Entertainment

The Cougar was a short-lived reality dating series where it features a 40-year-old woman named Stacey Anderson choosing a boyfriend from a group of twenty younger men.


Over eight weekly hour-long episodes, the young men (all in their 20s) competed for a chance to have a long-term relationship with Stacey Anderson, a 40-year-old real estate agent and divorced mother of four from Arizona. The show is very similar to The Bachelorette, except that instead of a rose to determine who stays and who goes, the Cougar (Anderson) uses the "Kiss Off". During the "Kiss Off", each contestant gives the Cougar a kiss and if she kisses on the lips, the contestant stays. However, if she gives her cheek, then the contestant is out.

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