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The Customer is Always Right.png
OWN: 9/5/2013-9/12/2013
Katalyst Films

The Customer is Always Right? was a short-lived reality series where some of America's most recognizable companies (i.e. Mrs. Fields, Mazda, TCBY and Sizzler) turn their customers for feedback and new ideas for improving their bottom lines.


In an unprecedented experiment, two unsuspecting customers are tapped by a company CEO to spend a week with the organization and to implement real improvements to its business model. Each one-hour episode follows the once-in-a-lifetime challenge as both customers work alongside the company's top executives to address the company's biggest issues. The participants' ideas are implemented and in the end, their efforts are judged by a final focus group. If the group likes the changes that were made, the two will walk away with a cash prize and boasting rights that the customer is indeed always right.


Official Website (via Internet Archive)