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Johnny Gilbert
Unsold Pilots for ABC: 5/8-9/1990
Bob Stewart-Sande Stewart Productions

The Finish Line was an unsold game that involved poetry.


One player of a team was given three lines of a poem, and he or she had to guess the fourth line. The partner was given the entire poem, and he or she had to guess the subject of the poem. The winning team got $50 a point.

Bonus Game: Poetry in Motion[]

On the board was six boxes. Behind each of the boxes was the last word of a four-line poem. The giver received the first two lines of the poem and he/she had to make up the final two lines (except for the last word). Then the reciever had to say the last word to capture the box. The team won $100 for each box. If the team captured all 6 boxes in 60 seconds, they would win $5,000.

Celebrity Guests[]

May 8: Ilene Graff and Henry Polic II
May 9: Betty White and Brian Stokes Mitchell

An available ticket dated May 9 lists Betty White and David Graf as the guests. It's not currently known whether this indicates another pilot was shot or that Graf was replaced by Mitchell.


ABC Television Center, Los Angeles, CA


The Finish Line (1990, Pilot #2) at The Game Show Pilot Light