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FOX: 1/8/2018 – 8/2/2018
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The Four: Battle for Stardom (or The Four) is a musical reality competition series where four talented singers fight to defend their spot on stage as they are being challenged individually by new performers who are determined to replace them. This show was based on an Israel show called The Final Four.


These four top-notch artists (Walk, Khaled, Trainor and Combs) spanning all music genres will fight each week to defend their coveted seats on the show, as determined newcomers challenge them and try to knock them out of the competition. The singer who is the last standing at the end of the competition will earn the ultimate prize: the panel of the industry experts becomes key players on the winner's team. This elite group of starmakers will guide the winner's career to help make him or her a breakout star.

Charlie Walk Controversy[]

On January 31, 2018, FOX[1]announced that fellow judge Charlie Walk would not be appearing on the first season finale episode of The Four due to sexual allegations against him. according to Deadline, Patricia Glaser released a statement on Walk's behalf confirming the news the site heard was coming:

"Out of respect for the contestants, my fellow judges and everyone involved with the show, I have made the decision not to attend the finale of 'The Four'. I do not want my presence to be a distraction. Needless to say this is very upsetting. Although I continue to support the 'Me Too' movement, there has been an extreme rush to judgement against me in this particular case which is unfair and inconsistent with anything that even actually happened. I welcome any investigation so that in short order these unfounded and hurtful accusations can be put to rest." - Charlie Walk

Season 2 Changes[]

Due to Charlie Walk's sexual allegations against him since not appearing in the finale during season 1, "The Four" judges have now become "The Three" (Khaled, Trainor and Combs). And while their were six episodes taped in season 1, only eight episodes were taped in season 2.


  • Season 1 - Evvie Mckinney
  • Season 2 - James Graham


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