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Pilot: 2/8/1976
NBC Daytime: 6/14/1976 – 10/1/1976
Fishman-Freer Productions
Columbia Pictures Television

SPIEL #1: "And now, it's time for The Fun Factory, with your host, Bobby Van!"

SPIEL #2: "This is Jim Thompson saying welcome to The Fun Factory, and here's your host, Bobby Van!"

The Fun Factory was a wacky-short-lived audience participation daytime game & variety show.


Several members of the audience competed for prizes by playing a series of games and answering questions, several of which involved comedy skits. One quiz involved Bobby giving the clue to a "fun word" and the first player to guess the "fun word" won an array of prizes. At the end of the show, the day's participants would be asked a numerical question with three clues. The player who guessed closest to the correct total of the three clues won a prize package, plus a brand new car if he or she missed the correct number by ten or less.


Stan Worth

Theme song Lyrics (Sung by Bobby Van)[]

And welcome to The Fun Factory.
There's a good time for you and me.
Now making fun is what we like to do.
So come on while we make some fun for you.
Now we got lots of prizes,
and laughter and surprises.
Lost of games that you can play.
Help to brighten up your day.
Come on and join the good times with us. Yeah!


NBC Studio 4, Burbank, CA


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The lady seen at the opening of the show is future Hill Street Blues star Betty Thomas.

Debbie Harmon is another regular on the show who later starred opposite Bill Kirchenbauer on Just the Ten of Us.

Both The Fun Factory and The Gong Show aired on NBC on June 14, 1976.

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Intro to the Show