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Fred Holliday
John Harlan
Bob Warren
ABC Daytime: 7/9/1973 - 12/20/1974
TM Productions
Metromedia Producers Corporation

The Girl in My Life was a short-lived daytime reality show highlighting women who have made a difference in people's lives.


Each day on the show featured three to four vignettes of women. The people whose lives they touched would offer a testimonial statement about their special woman, always ending with the phrase "My name is (insert name), and the girl in my life is (insert name)." The woman would come out on stage and be interviewed by Holliday, and then would receive a modest prize package or an item of special meaning to the woman.

In Popular Culture[]

The show's format is spoofed in an episode of The Carol Burnett Show using the knockoff title "The Girl That We Like".

Episode Status[]

The series was not rerun after its original network run and is believed lost. One pilot program that used a different musical theme aired near the middle of the series' run.


Bill Carruthers and William T. Naud were two of the executive producers of the show.