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Jack Barry & Wink Martindale
KCOP: Friday, September 18, 1981
Barry & Enright Productions

The Joker's Wild & Tic Tac Dough Special was a locally-produced special that chronicles both The Joker's Wild & Tic Tac Dough respectively.


This special highlights the best moments from both The Joker's Wild & Tic Tac Dough, respectively, which were both set to move KCOP the following Monday, the TV station whose studios were where both programs were taped at the time in syndication. At the time, both shows had been airing on rival KHJ, despite having taped at KCOP. The special aired opposite of reruns of both shows from the prior 1980-81 season on KHJ.

YouTube Video[]

Part 1
Part 2