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Jeff Davis & Candace Bailey
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GSN: 12/23/2014
High Noon Entertainment
ITV Studios America

The Line is a two-hour game show special where it offers people the chance to win cash and prizes by playing outrageous games all-the-while waiting in line for their shot at answering a series of trivia questions.


Contestants attempt to claim a growing jackpot by reaching the “Trivia Vault” at the front of the line and correctly answering eight true/false questions. Those waiting in line will also have their chance to win cash and prizes by playing “outrageous games.”

The Vault[]

While The Line is the centerpiece of the show, The Vault is where the contestants want to be. They face eight true/false questions. Each correct answer adds $250 to a progressive jackpot. A wrong answer sends them home with nothing, while the jackpot grows until won.


During the course of the show, various games are played with people in the line for small prizes, as well as a chance to move to the front of The Line, a loss sends them to the back.

All Hooped Up: Two chosen groups of five had to pass a Hula Hoop from one person to another down the line while holding hands in one minute and thirty seconds (1:30).

Envelope of Destiny: Simply a choice whether or not to open an envelope and reveal its contents.

Up Against a Ball: Four members per team (while blindfolded) had to roll a giant ball on top of a container while listening to the directions by the guider. The winners got a $100 Amazon GC (the losers got a smaller GC).

The lowest jackpot awarded was the minimum of $2,000, the highest awarded was $18,000.

Catchphrases From the Vault[]

"Welcome to the Vault...Are you ready to play/proceed?"

"Question 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8"

"That Answer is... correct/incorrect"

"(insert number) down, (insert number) to go"


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