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Unsold Pilot: 1975
The Love Experts 1975 Pilot.png
Pilot: 1/4/1978
The Love Experts.jpg
Syndication (Daily): 9/11/1978 – 9/7/1979
Bob Stewart Productions
Viacom Enterprises

1978 PILOT: "If you're in love and you have a problem, tell it to The Love Experts. Joanne Worley, William Shatner, Elaine Joyce, Geoff Edwards and the love machine himself, Bill Cullen"

SERIES: "(insert three contestants and their problems) There all here to tell their stories to...(insert the first three celebrity panelists) and (insert the fourth and final celebrity panelist) on The Love Experts, starring Bill Cullen!"

The Love Experts is a romance game/talk show hybrid, produced by Bob Stewart for first-run syndication in 1978–79. It was a spiritual predecessor to the more successful Love Connection.


Three guests would appear and talk about their love lives — most of them were about love gone wrong and torn between two different people. After each guest told his/her story, a panel of four celebrities would give advice to the contestant.


After the guests told their stories, the celebrity panel would then choose which of the three contestants gave the most interesting story. That contestant won a prize (usually a trip). If the panelists' votes were tied, Cullen cast the deciding vote.

Following this, the panelists and Cullen would take and answer questions from audience members.

Celebrity panelists included David Letterman, Elaine Joyce, Jo Anne Worley, Geoff Edwards, Soupy Sales, Nipsey Russell, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jay Johnson, and Billy Crystal.



"Spring Rain" by Bebu Silvetti

The theme song would later be used for the unsold game show Mind Readers (hosted by Geoff Edwards) and Bob Stewart's unsold 1984 pilot of Jackpot (hosted by Nipsey Russell).


TAV Studios, Hollywood, California


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Neither the 1975 nor 1978 pilots had the panelists voting on which story was the best, the winner getting a trip. Instead, The Love Experts was focused squarely as a relationship advice show.

Contemporary critics panned the show as being too obnoxious as a relationship advice show, and it ended after one season. In more recent years, the series has gained positive reviews; not only are the panel chemistry and host Cullen cited as top-notch, but the series has also been lauded for openly discussing relationship-based topics that were still considered somewhat "taboo" on television in the late 1970s.

The full series is held by CBS Television Distribution.

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