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Syndication (Pennsylvania only): 1986-2003 (reruns aired from 2003-2006)

The Pennsylvania Game was a famous quiz show focusing about the history of Pennsylvania.


Three contestants (known as panelists) would be made up of journalists/broadcasters/personalities from newspapers and radio and TV stations across the Commonwealth. Each episode contains nine questions.

The panel is given a multiple-choice question accompanied by video and pictures with narration by Wendy Williams. Each question contained four possible answers. Once the four choices would revealed, the contestants would have ten seconds to lock-in their answer by holding up cards in the Hines era, or by locking in their answers with their choice shown on a television screen in the Cullen and Bruce eras. Each correct answer was worth one point. In the Bruce era, if all three panelists give the same answer, a Pennsylvania lottery ticket were awarded regardless of the game's outcome.

Mystery Pennsylvanian[]

After every three questions, the host would read a clue to a famous person who was born in Pennsylvania. If the right answer came on the first clue (and the contestant was confident enough to not change their mind during the rest of the game), they would get three points. Getting it on the second clue was worth two points, and getting it on the final clue would be worth 1 point.

After the final clue, the panel reveals their answers and Williams would read a short biography on the person who was the correct answer, finishing with "(celebrity's name)....a native Pennsylvanian!"

Winning The Game[]

In the Bruce era, at the end of the game, the panelist with the most points won a prize package containing of Pennsylvania famous goods plus 50 Pennsylvania Lottery Instant Game Tickets.

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