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Welcome to the gallery of The Price is Right where you will find pictures and drawings of one of the longest-running daytime network game shows on Television. So "COME ON DOWN!" and enjoy the memories.

Logo Styles[]

There were many variations to the logo; here are some.

1950s & 1960s Version
Current Version
Decades Week (2015)
The Price is Right Salutes
Mash-Up Week (2016)
Reality Show Crossover Special (2016)
Other Logos
Logo Animation (Opening Style/Part 1)
Logo Animation (Opening Style/Part 2)
Logo Animation (Opening Style/Part 3)



Custom Designed Logos[]

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Holiday Logos[]

In-Studio Logos[]

Showcase Showdown[]


Bonus Spin Wins[]

Pricing Games[]

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Contestant's Row[]

Big Doors[]

Special Military Doors[]

Drew Carey Doors[]



1980s & 1990s[]

2000s & 2010s[]

Drew Carey[]

Giant Price Tag[]

Light Borders[]

Prize Backdrops[]

Prize Backgrounds[]

Real Life Set Pics[]

Press Photos[]

50s Cullen's Run[]

Current Run[]

Black & White Format
Color Format

Gameshow Marathon Run[]


70s James's Run[]

80s Kennedy's Run[]

Press Ads[]

90s Davidson's Run[]


Models and Prizes[]

Ticket Plugs[]


1956-1965 Era[]

NBC versions