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Welcome to the gallery of The Price is Right where you will find pictures and drawings of one of the most longest running daytime network game show on Television. So "COME ON DOWN!" and enjoy the memories.

Logo StylesEdit

There were many variations to the logo; here are some.

1950s & 1960s Version
Current Version
Decades Week (2015)
The Price is Right Salutes
Mash-Up Week (2016)
Reality Show Crossover Special (2016)
Other Logos
Logo Animation (Opening Style/Part 1)
Logo Animation (Opening Style/Part 2)
Logo Animation (Opening Style/Part 3)



Custom Designed LogosEdit

The Show's Logo in Colorful BackgroundsEdit
The Show's Logo in Colorful LettersEdit
The Show's Logo with Trimmed LettersEdit
The Show's Logo with Trimmed Letters on Different Colored BackgroundsEdit
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$1.00 WinEdit

Pricing GamesEdit

Check GameEdit

Clock GameEdit

Bonus GameEdit

Hit Me (playing cards)Edit

NOTE: The face card designs were based on those used on "Gambit". Credit: Adam Nedeff (excluding back design).

Five Price Tags Edit

1 Right Price Edit


Contestant's RowEdit

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Special Military DoorsEdit

Drew Carey DoorsEdit



1980s & 1990sEdit

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50s Cullen's RunEdit

Current RunEdit

Black & White Format
Color Format

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