These are the many products/merchandise/goods that were brought to us due to the success of The Price is Right.

Board GamesEdit

Lowell (1958)Edit

A board game based on the original 1956 version was released in 1958.

Milton Bradley (1964,1973-1974,1976,1986)Edit

Another version was released in 1964 in a card game format.

Another board game based on the 1972 version was made in 1973 with a second edition made in 1974 and a third edition of the game was made in 1976.

the fourth and final edition was released in 1986.

Endless Games (1998, 2004)Edit

Two home games were made in 1998 and 2004.

Video, Computer & Mobile GamesEdit

GameTek (1990)Edit

A PC game for Commodore 64 and DOS was released in 1990 by GameTek. You can read about this awful adaptation of the game here.[1]

Ludia (2008-2012)Edit

Games for the Wii, DS, PC, Mac, iPhone and iPod Touch[2]were released in 2008. Games for the Wii, DS, PC, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Playstation 3's PSN as "The Price Is Right: 2010 Edition" were released from 2009-2010 (NOTE:The 2010 Edition of TPIR was re-released as part of their "Game Show Party" bundle pack along with "Family Feud:2010 Edition" and "Press Your Luck:2010 Edition" for Playstation 3's PSN in 2010). Games for the Wii. Xbox 360, Playstation 3's PSN, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android as "The Price Is Right Decades" were released from 2011-2012. all version of TPIR were made and have been released by Ludia. The cover of the 2008 version had Carey's version of the logo and the Season 36 background, but the whole game was based on Barker's era, complete with the 2003-2006 set and Shiela Cole-era theme song and music package.The app logo did have the 2002-2006 logo on it with the blue background, minus the stars and asterisks. The 2009-2010 edition was completely based on Carey's era, but the Shiela Cole-era theme song was still intact. Oddly enough, when playing the pricing games, the Season 36 Big Doors were seen, but in the Showcase Showdown, the Season 37-40 Big Doors were seen. The Turntables for Season 37 were also seen during the Showcase round. When TPIR Decades was released, the current Kalehoff Carey-era music package was featured on the game. Rich Fields provided the voice as announcer/host in the 2008, 2009, and 2010 editions, but George Gray took over that role when TPIR Decades was released, as Rich was no longer a part of the show. In The Price is Right video game for 2008 and 2010, the player can unlock the pricing game to play plus clips of Bob Barker's memorable moments as host of Price by winning the game in regular (3 strike or television) mode. In the Decades version, the player can still win a flashback clip and the pricing game from that era by winning the game, but also win to play the show from that year.

Original (2008)Edit

2010 Edition (2009-2010)Edit

Game Show Party (2010)Edit

Decades (2011-2012)Edit

Mobliss (2003-2007)Edit

A mobile game of The Price is Right[3] was released in 2003. addition, a mobile version of "Cliffhangers"[4]was released by Mobliss Inc. in 2004, along with a mobile version of "Plinko"[5]was released in 2005.

Prior to this, their was even a "Deluxe"[6]edition released in 2007.

Glu Mobile (2008)Edit

Glu Mobile released a new version in 2008 which features Drew Carey on its cover.

Ludia (2014)Edit

On April 23, 2014 a mobile app version of The Price is Right Bingo was released for iOs and Android devices. George Gray is the bingo caller in this game.

Electronic GamesEdit

Tiger Electronics (1998)Edit

A Handheld Game was released in 1998[7][8][9].

Irwin Toys (2008)Edit

A Tabletop Game was released in 2008.

Jakks Pacific (2009)Edit

A plug n' play game was released in 2009, with an interactive Drew Carey as your host. He communicates via speech bubbles.

Online GamesEdit

CBS (Late 90's)Edit featured an online Price Is Right-based game in the late 90s, which was plugged in the closing credits of each episode. The game consisted of choosing which of the four bidders in contestant's row was closest to the price without going over.

Ludia (2010, 2013)Edit

A Facebook Game based on the show was released by Ludia in 2010, the game has two million monthly active users in just only two months after its launch. Prior to this, a "Bingo" version of TPIR was recently launched in 2013.[10][11] Drew did not make an appearance in either the Facebook or Bingo game, but Rich Fields provided the voice of the announcer/host in the Facebook game while George Gray provided the bingo caller role in the TPIR Bingo game.

Gamesville (2002)Edit

In 2002, Lycos Gamesville launched their online version of TPIR for a chance to win up to $1,000 in cash. (2004)Edit

In 2004, had an online flash game called The Hometown Price Is Right along with Card Sharks and the other two unreleased game show-based games of Let's Make A Deal and Press Your Luck.[12]

Worldwinner (2008)Edit

In 2008, an online cash game was released by Worldwinner, where your goal is to score as many points as possible in three distinct rounds. First you'll start in Contestant's Row, where you need to confirm your player's intial Thought Bubble bid by clicking on matching amounts (ex: if they think $157, then click on all "$175" bubbles) from the audience. Next Up, play Cliffhangers, Plinko or Punch-A-Bunch in the Pricing Games round. in this segment, you need to match 3 or more pieces vertically or horizontally to change the tile's background color. Charge the color of all the tiles for extra points! Finally, you're on to the Showcase round. Help your player make a successful bid by matching two tiles to remove them from the board, remove all tiles for bonus points! Rich Fields does make a voice appearance, but only of him saying, "Come on down!"

Slot MachinesEdit

A series a very popular slot machines were manufactured for North American casinos by IGT...[13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20][21][22][23][24][25][26]

...and by WMS Gaming much later on.

In 2012, A Facebook game called TPIR Slots was released by Ludia, prior to this and iOS version was released as well.

DVD Games & MoviesEdit

Endless Games/Imagination (2005, 2008)Edit

DVD games were originally released in 2005 and 2008 in two editions by Endless Games. the DVD game was re-released by Imagination later on. Both editions featured Todd Newton as the off-screen host/announcer of the game, but when prizes were being shown, Rich Fields provided the voice of the announcer. Sometimes, in the 2005 edition, when the prizes were being shown, there were archive voice clips of the late Rod Roddy. The 2005 edition did not have Bob Barker appear, but the 2003-2006 set and Sheila-Cole music package was featured. In the 2008 edition, Drew Carey made an appearance in short clips and featured his Season 36 set, but the game still had the Sheila-Cole music package. Interestingly enough, in the intro to the 2008 edition, the opening footage was from Drew's first aired show (minus the contestants being called from that episode), but the Sheila-Cole music package was dubbed over the current Kalehoff music package. Rich's voice still could be heard when he introduced Drew.

Prototype Box Covers

BCI (2008)Edit

A DVD compilation set featuring 20 episodes was released in 2008, including 6 episodes from the original version starring Bill Cullen. A sequel set, titled "The VERY Best of The Price Is Right", contains only 14 of the 26 episodes from the original set. There was also a special feature that showed Bob Barker's final week of hosting the show.

Cancelled GamesEdit

The Great Game Company (1983)Edit

An Atari 2600 and Mattel's Intellivision video game based on the 1972 version was going to be released by The Great Game Company in 1983. However, due to the North American video game crash of 1983, it was never made nor released to the public.

GameTek (1987, 1992)Edit

A planned NES game was going to be released in 1987. SNES/Genesis/Game Gear video games based on the 1972 version were also going to get released as well in 1992, but all of the games were cancelled.

Phillips Interactive Media (1993)Edit

TPIR was planned for the CD-i along with Jeopardy!, Wheel of Fortune, Name That Tune, The Joker's Wild and The Joker's Wild Jr., All were released except for Wheel and TPIR.

Silicon Gaming (2000)Edit

Due to the mild success of Family Feud slots at the MGM Grand in 2000, a slot machine game based on TPIR was originally going to be released by them and installed at various Harrah's casinos at the time. However, the concepts of the game have segwayed itself as 5 Reel with Plinko, Match Three and Spin & Win Fruity for various online casinos in the UK such as Virgin Casino and Blue Sq Casino.[27]

Endless Games (2008)Edit

A Quick Picks travel game with Drew Carey on the cover was promoted in their 2008 catalogue, but was never released.[28]


Harper Paperbacks (2007)Edit

An "Behind-the-Scenes" book called Come on Down!: Behind the Big Doors at The Price is Right was written by Price co-producer Stan Blits and was published by Harper Paperbacks in 2007.

Center Street (2009)Edit

An autobiographical book about Bob Barker called Priceless Memories was published by Center Street in 2009. It was promoted on Price on April 29, 2009 during a showcase when Barker returned to the show for a surprise visit.

The R Group (2014)Edit

In June 2014 ex-Barker Beauty Kathleen Bradley released her memoir Backstage at The Price is Right: Memoirs of a Barker Beauty published by The R Group in 2014. In her book, Bradley shares her memories, backstage secrets and even some tensed and intense moments she witnessed during her ten years on the show. Bradley also shares her memories of her early life, her family and the memories of her singing career with the group The Love Machine. The book is available in either Hard book or paperback and can be ordered at her official website[29]and is also believed to be a "best-seller".

Pinball gameEdit

In 1994, a rare Tabletop Pinball game was released in order to promote the "ill-fated" nighttime syndicated version with Doug Davidson at the time. The game includes: an electrical cord, a promotional booklet with photos/slides along with three radio jingles on reel-to-reel tapes.

Novelty GoodsEdit

An official online store with many TPIR novelty items was started in 2009. (NOTE:The link is at the bottom of this page.)

A Day-to-Day calendar was released by Andrews McMeel publishing in 2010, with Drew Carey on the box.

A bobblehead doll of Drew Carey can be purchased at

A ticket redemption game based on Shell Game was released by ICE in 2011, prior to this, a few "coin pusher" games have also been released in 2008 and 2009 respectively. The 2008 and 2009 six-sided ticket redemption game features 3 pricing games on each side, Plinko, Cliff Hangers, and Safe Crackers. Above the coin slots is a model scale of the big wheel. In order to spin the big wheel, the player must skillfully light up 6 spaces while the red light would move back and forth. The game uses the Sheila-Cole era theme song. Each time a coin is put into the machine, quotes of then-announcer Rich Fields would sound. On the Cliff Hangers feature, each time the player skillfully lit up one light, the mountain climber climbed one step up the mountain. If he/she lit up all the sections, the mountain climber would reach the top of the mountain and stop, causing the big wheel to spin. On the Safe Crackers feature, a lock would spin around continuously. If the player successfully lit up all the sections, the combination would be changed from CLOSED to OPEN, causing the big wheel to spin. There are no special effects on the Plinko feature, just getting the lights lit up on the sections under each letter that represented the word "PLINKO". There was also a double game machine, but it has Plinko only on it. The 2011 Price is Right Shell Game arcade game also featured the Sheila Cole era theme, but in this game, Rich Fields is not announcing in that game. However, some of the Price Beauties talk to the player in the game. In the Shell Game arcade version, the player must find a diamond hidden inside one of the cups after they are shuffled. If the contestant finds the correct cup where the diamond is hidden, he/she wins a bonus spin on the big wheel. If the player finds an empty cup, the game is over and he/she loses.

Print Ad (2009)Edit

Various scratch-off lottery tickets have been released based on the show.

Various T-Shirts have been released based on the show.

International MerchandiseEdit





(1990's era)Edit

(2000's era)Edit

(Le Juste Euro era)Edit







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