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JD Roberto (Finale)
Christian Greenia
Patterson Lunquist
Cindy Sorenson
Guest Judges
Kane Hodder
Rick Baker
FOX Reality Channel: 10/13/2007-10/31/2007
Natural 9 Entertainment
20th Television

The Search for the Next Elvira features the famed horror hostess & self-proclaimed "mistress of the dark" searches for an unsuspecting young lady to be the next Elvira with the help of her two "Manviras".


The "Unlucky Thirteen" included:

  • Ms. Monster (aka A.K. Smith), a San Francisco-based horror hostess.
  • Yvette Nii, Singer/Entertainer based out of Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Asia DeVinyl, a goth and fetish pin-up model.
  • Mina Rose, a model and member of Suicide Girls.
  • April Wahlin, an aspiring writer and a self-proclaimed tomboy.
  • Jenny Jenson, a marketing director who is fluent in Mandarin.
  • Erik-a (aka Eric Bedelman), the only male contestant to make it into the semi-finals.
  • Shelly Martinez, a former ECW wrestler who performed under the stage name, Ariel, and former TNA Knockout.
  • Jilina Scott, an actress and television hostess.
  • Lady M (aka Milli), a sales specialist from Baltimore.
  • Kitty Korvette, bassist of Texas-based, goth country bands, Black Molly & Midwest Monster.
  • Bridget Marquardt, a Playboy model, one of the stars of the reality show, The Girls Next Door and host of her own Travel Channel series Bridget's Sexiest Beaches.
  • Lola Davidson, an actress.

Elimination Order[]

Call Out & Elimination Order
1 2 3 4
01 Lola Ms. Monster Ms. Monster Kitty
02 Yvette Yvette Jilina April
03 Amanda Asia Kitty Jenny
04 Jill Mina Jenny
05 Shelly April April
06 Anabelle Jenny Bridget
07 Bridget Erik-a
08 Kitty Shelly
09 Mischief Jilina
10 Jenny Lady M
11 Savage Kitty
12 April Bridget
13 Cecily Lola
14 Mina
15 Ms. Monster
16 Lady M
17 Jilina
18 Erik-a
19 Connie
20 Asia
     The contestant was saved and continued into the next round.
     The contestant was eliminated and burned to ash.
     The contestant was initially saved by the judges, but eliminated by the other contestants.
     This contestant was chosen to be the next Elvira.


Prior to being a contestant on this program Bridget Marquardt was better known for starring on E! network's hit reality show The Girls Next Door from 2005 to 2010. She later hosted her own Travel Channel summer series called Bridget's Sexiest Beaches.


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