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Syndication: 12/18-29/1995
Paramount Television
New World Entertainment

The Smarter Sex was a short-lived gender-themed game show, where men and women compete to find out who knows more about the opposite sex.


The studio audience was split into section of fifty men on one side and fifty women on the other side. From each section, three players were selected to come on stage and participate in a game of determining which sex knew more about the other.

Questions like "Have you ever been naked with a member of the opposite sex?" were asked. One player tried to predict how a member of the opposite sex would respond. If correct, they earned one point. One player from each team, male and female, tried to guess how many people in one section of the studio audience would respond in a particular way. The player closest to the actual number earned one point.

In the second round, statements were read about one team with the three players on the other team trying to guess which player said it, scoring one point for each correct guess. Teams alternated guessing about each other.

One player from each team played at a time in round three. A series of questions were read (i.e. "Which sex orders more Deep Dish pizza?") The players answered either "Men" or "Women" and scored three points if correct. If they were wrong, the opposing team added one point to their score.

In the final round, each team picked a question for the other to answer, based on what they thought every man or woman should know. If they answered the question correctly, their score was doubled. If wrong, they lose all of the points.

At the end of the show, the team with the most points was declared the smartest sex and was given crowns by the other team as they admitted defeat.


Hollywood Center Studios, Hollywood, CA


The show received a brief test run that was supposed to be a warm-up to a planned launch into national syndication. The show had only a two-week run in several cities. including Atlanta, GA and San Diego, CA before disappearing from the screen.

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