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Host/Substitute Teacher
Jon Gabrus
The Substitute Season 1.jpg
The Subtitute Season 2.jpg
MTV: 9/12/2011-5/4/2012
Embassy Row
Phear Creative

The Substitute (not to be confused with the action movie franchise of the same name) was an ambush-styled game show where a substitute teacher takes over a normal classroom to test students on things they should and shouldn't know for the chance to win $5,000.


The game begins when the "substitute teacher" (Gabrus) walks into the classroom and shocks the unsuspecting students by telling them he's not like any other substitute...he's there to host a game along with the students as his contestants as it starts right now.

The students would compete against each other in a series of trivia and interactive challenges, which will turn their classroom upside down, give them a chance to win fun prizes and ultimately the grand prize of $5,000.


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