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FOX: 4/7/2004 - 12/20/2004
Galan Entertainment
George Paige Associates Inc.
A. Smith & Co. Productions
FremantleMedia North America

The Swan was a very short lived reality show in which women who were judged to be ugly were given "extreme makeovers" that included several forms of plastic surgery. the title itself refers to the fairy tale called The Ugly Duckling in which a homely bird matures into a swan.


A reality show about an ugly duckling turned beautiful swan, only it's a woman giving herself a physical makeover with plastic surgery, to compete in a beauty pageant. Each contestant was assigned a panel of specialists — a coach, therapist, trainer, cosmetic surgeons and a dentist — who together designed a program of total transformation. The contestants’ work ethic, growth and achievement was monitored during a three-month process. Each week, two women were featured, and at the episode’s conclusion, one went home while another was selected to move to compete in the Swan pageant at the end of the season for a chance to be deemed The Swan. The winner gets prizes such as cash, trips, cars, and other prizes.


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