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Black Family Channel (Weekly): 11/20/2004 - 4/28/2007
Robert Townsend Productions/Black Family Channel

Thousand Dollar Bee (or Thou$and Dollar Bee) was a game show where children are quizzed on spelling words in a variety of ways, from a traditional spelling bee format to unscrambling letters.


In a tournament-style format, children are quiz on spelling words in a variety of ways from a traditional spelling bee to unscrambling letters capped off with an end game. The champion receives a $1,000 bond towards his or her college degree.


Killer Tracks

Round 1 Spelling cue - "Clubhouse Capers" by Steve Kujala
Spelling Review cue - "Clownin' Around" by Steve Kujala


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YouTube Video[]

Clips of a 2004 episode