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(1998 pilot) Unknown
Nicky the AI Robot (voiced by Rama Vallury) (2021 version)
Jerry Trainor (since Season 2)
Broadcast (Nickelodeon)
Unaired Pilot: 1998
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Series: 2/8/2021-present

(Nickelodeon) Tooned In is a Nickelodeon game show that features trivia about Nickelodeon (or Nicktoons) animated shows. It first started out as an unaired pilot in 1998, but then got picked up as a series in 2021.


Three kids must solve animation questions across slime-filled rounds of trivia until only one contestant is left. The remaining kid will then be declared the episode's big winner and move on to a special prize round to compete against Nicky and climb the robot's motherboard for a chance to win a grand prize of $1,000.

Main Game[]

Each round is split in several segments, with each one having three questions. Each time a contestant buzzes in with the correct answer, they score points, while their opponents get slimed. But each time a contestant buzzes in with an incorrect answer, they lose points, and their opponents can steal. Each question is worth 10 points in round one and 20 points in round two.

Each round ends with a special segment. Round one ends with “The Impossible Question”, and round two ends with “All The Answers”.

In “The Impossible Question”, a clip or image of a Nicktoon is shown, and a question with a numerical answer is asked. The contestants are given the commercial break to think or write down about their answers, and they reveal their answers after the commercial break. The contestant whose guess is closest to the correct number scores 20 points.

In “All The Answers”, a set of twelve answers are shown, and ten questions are asked. The contestants have to buzz in and choose which answer is the correct one to a question. Each time a contestant buzzes in with the correct answer, they score 25 points. But each time a contestant buzzes in with an incorrect answer, they lose 25 points, and their opponents can steal.

After two rounds, the contestant with the most points wins the game and advances to the final round for a chance to win $1,000.

Climb or Slime[]

The winning contestant faces a monitor with a variety of Nicktoons on it, and they choose which Nicktoon is their expertise, which is then placed on the top of the motherboard. The contestant then chooses a Nicktoon at the bottom row and is asked an either/or question about something in that Nicktoon. If the contestant chooses the correct answer, they win money and advance to the next row. But if the contestant chooses the incorrect answer, they have the option to choose one of the remaining Nicktoons in the same row or get another question in the same Nicktoon; in the case of the latter option, the contestant must hit the slime reset button and get slimed. If the contestant reaches the Nicktoon at the top of the motherboard and answers a question correctly in that Nicktoon within 60 seconds, their cash total increases to $1,000.

Season 2 Changes[]

For season two, the set is changed, Jerry Trainor joins the show to co-host with Nicky, and a few changes are made in the gameplay. Each question in round one is worth 100 points, and each question in round two (including “All The Answers) is worth 200 points, with no point deductions for incorrect answers anywhere in the game whatsoever. Also, “Cartoon Cosplay” is not carried over to this season, and the first game of round two has contestants perform stunts to answer questions.


Phil Moore is the producer of the 2021 version.


Nickelodeon Studios (1998 pilot)
Los Angeles, California (2021 version)


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