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Bravo: 8/6/2014-10/8/2014
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Top Chef Duels is a third spinoff of Top Chef where it features eighteen past contestants from both Top Chef and Top Chef Masters for a gastronomic battle royale of epic proportions.


The series pits eighteen of the biggest, boldest and most talked about personalities from past seasons against one another in a high-stakes cooking challenges designed to test their passion and imagination in the kitchen. In each episode, two chefs will face-off in three rounds of head-to-head battles testing their skills, creativity and speed. Rivalries will be intensified as the show ups the ante and allows the competing chefs to each pick-one mini-duel based on the other's perceived weaknesses in the kitchen. The third and final challenge of each episode will deicide who moves on to compete in the ultimate high-staked season finale where ten chefs will be confronted with split second decisions as they lay it all on the line in the greatest challenge of their careers. In the end, only one chef will earn bragging rights and win the $100,000 grand prize and a culinary adventure that will be featured in Food & Wine magazine.


In 2014, the show was originally titled as Top Chef Extreme.

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