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Syfy: 4/25/2012 - 7/9/2013
FremantleMedia North America
SyFy Productions

"Four ordinary people will be tested in ways they've never even imagined, and we'll do it in the way never before seen on television. Because, as the show unfolds, you will see everything, and our contestants will see nothing... (sound of the lights being cut off) This is Total Blackout!"

Total Blackout was a reality game show where people have to identify objects in the dark.


Four teams compete in this game. The object of the game is that they have to identify things with either their hands, nose or mouth while being totally in the dark (a.k.a. A Total Blackout). The winning team gets a cash prize of $5,000.


Total Blackout has been subject to mixed reviews from famed critics such as metacritic and is often compared to Fear Factor (another Endemol property) as an alternative form of the show while claiming that the show is an "international success" and that the show has received an overwhelming number of viewers by standards. Parents and educators believe that the show is subject to too much language and it would be inappropriate for children as well as pre-teens.


This was the second SyFy Channel reality competition show that was based around fear, the first short-lived show of that nature was Estate of Panic in 2008. In addition, this was also the second series to be produced by Endemol.
In season 1, eight episode were produced while in season 2, sixteen episodes were produced.

Danish Version[]

The originally aired on Kanal 5 in 2011, hosted by Uffe Holm.


Based on the Denmark game show of the same name, created by Henrik Nielsen.


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