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Keith Diamond (hosted for a few episodes)
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Nickelodeon: 1989–1992
MTV Networks

TRACY: "Good morning/afternoon, it's (insert date)! In a few moments, some of our studio audience members will (insert upcoming fun)! And it's all coming up on/Which will really wake you up on… NICKELODEON'S TOTAL PANIC! And now, here are your hosts, MOLLY SCOTT AND GREG LEE!" MOLLY: "Hi everyone, and welcome to…" GREG, MOLLY, AND THE AUDIENCE: "NICKELODEON'S TOTAL PANIC!"

Total Panic was a weekly variety kids participation game show that had physical challenge games, special guests, comedy skits, and more!


Geoffrey Darby & Andy Bamberger


New York City, NY (1989-1990)
Nickelodeon Studios (1990-1992)

End-of-Show Disclaimer[]

“The preceding program was pre-recorded and the decision of the judges is final.”


"Special thanks to (insert guests)! We love you guys! See ya next week/time! Bye bye!" - Greg Lee & Molly Scott

"Hey guys, all the stunts, performances, (illusions,) and tricks on Total Panic are done by professionals. Remember, they are safe when they are done in the studio with highly skilled people. (Don't try it at home!)" - Molly Scott  

"Total Panic was produced in front of a live studio audience at Nickelodeon Studios in Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida!" - Tracy  

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