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ABC Pilot: 2010
TBS: 10/22/2013-12/17/2013
One Three Media
Monkey Television

Trust Me, I'm a Game Show Host was a short-lived comedy game show featuring two comedians/game show hosts who are either trying to help or deceive contestants trying to win lots of money, as one of them is telling the truth and the other is lying.


One contestant faces both hosts in an attempt to win lots of money. A category is given and then each host gave a statement under that category and also gave wild information about the statements. When all said and done, the contestant walked over to the host he/she thought is telling the truth and pressed down on his stand to confirm his/her choice. Then the board flipped back and forth between red & green. If it lights up green, the contestant wins money for that question. But if it lights up red, no money. Five categories of two statements each are played and the first category is worth $1,000 and the next four are worth $1,000 more than the previous. All money won from the questions correctly answered is added to a "trust fund".

$20,000 Bonus Round[]

After five categories, the contestant then played an endgame for an additional $20,000. This time instead of facing both hosts, the contestant faced the game board. One last category is shown and then the contestant is given five statements under that category. Only one of them is the true statement and that's what the player needs to find. Along the way, the contestant can increase the odds of spotting the true statement by eliminating up to three false ones; but doing so will cost money from his/her trust fund. The first statement will cost $1,000, the second one will cost $2,000 and the third $3,000. When it became time to choose the true statement, choosing that statement won the $20,000, but choosing a lie won nothing extra.


CBS Television City, Hollywood, California


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