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Fred Allen (Pilot/1954, sub)
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Walter O'Keefe (1953, sub)
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Two For the Money '52 Pilot.jpg
Two for the Money '52 pilot alt.jpg
Pilot: 6/5/1952
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NBC Radio (Weekly): 9/30/1952 – 9/22/1953
NBC Primetime (Simulcast of Radio Version): 9/30/1952 – 8/11/1953
CBS Primetime: 8/15/1953 – 9/22/1956
CBS Radio (Weekly): 10/3/1953 – 9/23/1956
Two for the Money Levenson.jpg
CBS Primetime: 3/23/1957 – 9/7/1957
Mark Goodson/Bill Todman Productions

Two for the Money was the primetime game show where contestants gave a series of answers that fit into a category as fast as possible to win money.


In this four-year-old nighttime game show, teams of two contestants (couples) played three rounds of categories. On each round at the sound of the bell in each category and while alternating turns, the team had 15 seconds to name as many items that fit into the category as possible, with one mistake (which was either repeating an answer or giving a wrong answer) ending the round.

The first round was worth $5 an answer, and the next two rounds had answers be worth the total dollar amount scored in the previous round.


Dr. Mason Welch Gross
Walter Cronkite (sub)

Foreign Version[]

Two for the Money was remade in the United Kingdom for the then-new ITV network in 1956, lasting only one series. The UK version was hosted by Bernard Braden.

Scoring in this version was the same as in the United States, except the first round awarded 10/- (50 p) for each acceptable answer.


Marcal Theatre, Hollywood, CA (Pilot)
International Theater, New York City, NY (1952–1953)
Studio 52, CBS, New York City, NY (1953–1956)
Biltmore Theater, New York City, NY (1957)


Milton Delugg


Two board games were released by Ideal.

YouTube Links[]

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