Max Rubin
Mati Moralejo
Nikki Ziering The Price is Right model (September 20, 1999 - September 30, 2002)
Shandi Finnessey
Ultimate Blackjack Tour.png
CBS: 9/16/2006 – 11/10/2007
Big Vision Entertainmnt
Blackjack Entertainment
Red 23 Entertainment

Ultimate Blackjack Tour was a short-lived elimination bracket style blackjack tournament series.


The show consisted of a series of televised Elimination Blackjack tournaments. The winner of each weekly tournament returned for the final Tournament of Champions.

Along with professional blackjack players and Internet qualifiers, the producers included a number of professional poker players not normally known for playing blackjack to draw attention to the poker elements inherent in the unique format of Elimination Blackjack tournaments.

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