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Michael Schulson (2009)
George Duran (2010)
Other Judges
Margaret Braun & Leigh Grode
Ultimate Cake-Off.png
TLC: 8/3/2009 - 4/26/2010
Discovery Studios

Ultimate Cake Off was a short-lived reality cooking cake competition game show where is based on professional cake artists that go "head-to-head" in constructing cakes over five feet tall with the assistance of a team of chefs, designers, etc. for a money prize.


Each competition involves three teams of bakers, in which they have 9 hours to make cakes for a particular client; all of them must meet minimums on height and food content. Each cake is judged for three criteria: client satisfaction, technical difficulty and aesthetic appeal. Each competition also has a taste test, in which four judges (Braun, Grode, the host and the client) taste a sample of the bakers' cakes; the winner of this round has the right to select the team that should sit out for thirty minutes. (Some episodes also feature a skills test, in which each baker decorates a small cake, also for the right to take a team out for thirty minutes.) After time runs out, each team moves its cakes to the judging room, where the four judges deliberate on the qualities and faults of each cake. The cake with the most votes wins $10,000, plus display at the client's event.


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