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Daniel Benfield (that would be me :) is a Co-Administrator of and infrequent contributor to the Wheel of Fortune History Wiki who was born on August 23, 1988 and lives in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

My main thing on this Wiki is fixing info where needed, removing needless redundancies, and adding links (mostly YouTube) to various pages - usually for unsold pilots or short-lived/rare shows.

Other Game Show Wikis of Note[]

  • Mark Goodson (including Goodson-Todman)
  • Bob Stewart (including shows produced with his son Sande)
  • Heatter-Quigley (including Merrill's solo efforts)
  • Barry & Enright (including Jack's solo efforts {approx. 1960-75} and Stafford-Enright {1991-94}; not sure if it includes Dan's post-scandal solo work, though)
  • Reg Grundy (both domestic and international productions)

I've also contributed a little bit to the Jeopardy! History Wiki (mainly, making the network timeline similar to the Wheel History Wiki), but that place is a bit of a mess (for instance, a spam page sat around for over five months).


"Great times are coming your way!" (Ernie Anderson, mid-1981 ABC promos)

Video Archives[]

If you've seen my work at the Wheel of Fortune Video Archive and/or UltimaGanon's Sale of the Century Video Archive, you know that myself and other contributors tend to search on YouTube semi-regularly for game show stuff. I've been surprised time and again at what I've found, including uploaders who don't quite seem to realize just what they have.

Since about 2013, I've made various documents and YouTube playlists for a myriad of games, and with the two exceptions above I'd mostly been sitting on them. Given that this is a Wiki for game shows in general, I might as well make use of 'em. :)

Note that the unlinked pages below are planned (as a general rule, I prefer to not create a page until I have something of substance ready to go). For pages that are linked, any help or additions are welcome unless otherwise noted. :)

For the listings labeled "deprecated page", see "The Sony List" for why.










  • Lottery Game Shows (because boy, there's a lot of them; might split this up eventually {still have a lot of stuff to go through})
  • [[User:Daniel Benfield/Quiz Bowl Game Show Video Archive|Quiz Bowls]] (high schools, colleges, universities, etc.; will include G.E. College Bowl, It's Academic {Washington D.C.}, and Quizbusters)
  • Singles and Doubles Collection (various shows that, for one reason or another, have very few episodes existing/circulating; inspired by the Internet Archive's like-named section for radio shows {still have a lot of material to go through})


I'm not the only one with Video Archives, you know! (seriously, go check out these guys' work)

  • William Sydnor has Video Archives for shows including Beat the Clock (1979-80), Classic Concentration, and Hit Man.
  • John Lee has a Video Archive for the CBS Card Sharks, which was created after I opted not to do one (reasons below).
  • Tim Mischka has Video Archives for Hollywood Squares (Bergeron) and Masters of the Maze, among others.

Other Stuff[]

Episode Guides
Small things I wrote for a few shows. Nothing too big.

  • Catch Phrase (1985-86)
  • Chain Reaction (2006-07, mostly per Game Show News Net {GSNN} recaps)
  • [[User:Daniel Benfield/The Challengers Episode Guide|The Challengers]] (1990-91)
  • College Mad House (1989-90)
  • [[User:Daniel Benfield/Family Feud 1994 Episode Guide|Family Feud]] (1994-95 season, partly from {ATGS} recaps)
  • Hot Potato (1984, including the Celebrity format)
  • [[User:Daniel Benfield/I've Got A Secret 1970s Episode Guide|I've Got A Secret]] (1972-73/1976)
  • The Joker's Wild (1990-91, partly from Ryan Rinkerman's collection)
  • Sale of the Century (1985-86, syndicated)
  • Temptation (2007-08, primarily per GSNN recaps)
  • [[User:Daniel Benfield/Shop 'Til You Drop 1996 Episode Guide|Shop 'Til You Drop]] (1996-97, Seasons 5-6)
  • Shop 'Til You Drop (2000-02, Seasons 7-8)
  • Shop 'Til You Drop (2003-05, primarily Season 10 per GSNN recaps)
  • Split Second (1986-87)
  • [[User:Daniel Benfield/Strike It Rich 1986 Episode Guide|Strike It Rich]] (1986-87)

Odds and Ends

  • Catalog Covers (those catalogs you've probably seen plugged on game shows in the 1960s and {primarily} '70s, mainly Spiegel)
  • Sale of the Century Prize Lists (1983-89; basically a sort of episode guide for what's available of the NBC version, listing each week's prizes, player names, and Cash Jackpot/Instant Cash values)

Archives I'll Probably Never Make[]

Ideas that I've considered, or which have been suggested to me, but I likely won't do for various reasons. The Video Archives I do and plan to do are because I want to do them, whether because I like/love the show or for sentimental/memory-related reasons.

Obviously, anything is possible; these are more in the "improbable at this time" section.

Generic Examples

  • [insert rare and/or short-lived show] - either there's not too many episodes/clips out there, or I simply don't like the show. This is why I created the "Singles and Doubles Collection" page in September 2016.
  • [insert well-known, long-running show] - usually way too much out there, and in some cases the show's already been well-documented. Even so, I'll usually try to come up with a "compromise" page for a particular part of the run that's notable for one reason or another, such as a specific host (Family Feud with Louie Anderson) or format (Family Feud Challenge). If the show is pretty scarce despite a long run (1960s Match Game, ABC-era Password), those go in the Singles and Doubles Collection.

Specific Examples

  • Card Sharks (1986-89, Eubanks) - while as noted above John has decided to step in and do said Video Archive, for me the daunting thing was that there's way too much out there, even if the run's basically broken up into several "sections" (pre-Audience Questions; Audience Questions pre-Car Game; first Car Game pre-light frame; first Car Game with light frame; second Car Game). I definitely want to do a page on the Bill Rafferty version, though.
  • Love Connection (1983-94/1998-99) - good lord, no. Not only is the show's placement in the genre disputed (despite having a lot of top-notch genre connections on both sides of the camera), but I already have one Pat Bullard show represented and that's one more than I probably should have. :P
  • Press Your Luck (1984-85 period) - I have pages on 1983 and the 11/18/85 to 9/26/86 part of the run (including the entirety of GSN's 2014-15 lease), but the rest...? Aside from original broadcasts (preferably with commercials), USA repeats with commercials, or master copies as a "select" package in the 1983 Video, sorry. The main problem is that GSN has aired nearly every episode between January 2, 1984 and November 15, 1985, so it'd take up at least two huge pages. That, plus most of said period has been aired tons of times since 2001 - not to mention the USA airings, Buzzr's airings, and whatever might be out there from the Summer '86 CBS repeats and the early-'87 syndicated repeats (also the first shows aired by USA)...ugh.
  • Whammy! (2002-03) - while feasible due to its short run (130 episodes + two pilots), easily-distinguishable two seasons (namely, Season 2 having the Big Bank, a better Big Board layout, and a much better car to give away instead of that golf-cart lookalike from Season 1), and a full knowledge of its taping order...I don't really like it. I did back then, but looking back it really was a pale imitation with an overemphasis on prizes (over 100 of which were worth $300 or less!) and dumping stuff on people (the Double Whammy). Not to mention the fact that GSN's aired the episodes tons of times since 2002.
  • The Price is Right (Primetime Specials) - while easy to sort out, they just don't interest me as much as the 1972-86 era. (The '86 Specials won't be on the Seasons 9-14 subpage, either, since they were shot after tapings began for Season 15.)
  • Strike It Lucky/Rich (UK, 1986-94/1996-99) - way too much out there, plus I just haven't found it as interesting as the American series.
  • You Bet Your Life (1947-61) - way too much out there, and this YouTube channel has already done the legwork anyway. A page for the revivals (1980-81, 1988, 1992-93) is possible, but while I've tracked down a bunch of Cosby-era footage online the events of recent years have left me feeling a bit wary (a feeling I also have towards Trump Card).

Specific Companies
Companies who have a history of taking down copyrighted content from YouTube and the like. Keep in mind that I'm not contesting their rights to do so, but I'd rather avoid potential headaches on the "making sure the page's links still work" front.

This section also applies to the Singles and Doubles Collection, but not the Theatre subpages.

  • JM Productions - I had a Video Archive for Starcade in the works, armed with a partial episode guide thanks to the official website's uploads (all numbered), with bonus sections for The Video Game and Finders Keepers...and then they started doing takedowns, resulting in Adam Nedeff's original YouTube channel getting shut down, at which point I scrapped my ideas and moved on.
  • Viacom - anything produced in-house for Nickelodeon, MTV, etc. (usually by MTV Networks) and/or aired on Nick GAS.

And speaking of companies whose shows I won't touch...

The Sony List[]

Basically, any shows produced by Bob Stewart, Chuck Barris, Jack Barry (including Barry-Enright), and Merv Griffin. Sony, which owns most if not all of the shows done by said companies, does video takedowns on YouTube something like once or twice a year. It's legally their right since it's their shows, and I'm not arguing that; I just don't think it's worth the hassle and headache for me to prune links and/or find alternative sources, and I end up losing interest in doing said pages as a result. It doesn't help that some of the takedowns are on rare and/or obscure stuff (including Blankety Blanks, Three on a Match, and the Australian version of the latter; yes, really).

The below six Sony-owned shows were planned to have Video Archives at some point, and were once listed above:

  • Camouflage (1961-62/1980/2007)
  • Hot Potato (1984)
  • Jeopardy! - one for the Fleming era (1964-75/1978-79), another for the spinoffs: Super (1990), Jep! (1998-99), Rock & Roll (1998-2001), and Sports (2014-19).
  • The Joker's Wild (1990-91) - while Sony probably can't do anything about this version because they don't own it (technically, NBCUniversal does; the original distributor, Orbis Communications, was sold by Carolco Pictures to Multimedia Entertainment in 1992, with Multimedia subsequently acquired by Universal in '96), I doubt they'd come to an agreement over it. Even then, I'm not really a super-big fan of this version, though it's easily the best of the four games Barry-Enright did in 1990 (which arguably isn't saying much)
  • The $100,000 Pyramid (1991) - mostly the same reasons as above, but I did like this version.
  • Tic-Tac-Dough (1978-79) - was to cover the CBS series and the first part of Season 1, through the first episode with "shuffle after every question" rather than "shuffle after every two questions".

Related to this, any Video Archives that I have made which fall under the above now have "deprecated page" attached to them.

Similarly, these used to be in the above "Specific Examples" list, but I'm not gonna do these either:

  • The Dating Game (1986-89/1996-99) - while the page on the Lange era was fun to put together because I was finding so much stuff all over YouTube and trying to figure everything out, it does get a bit difficult to date this kind of stuff, and I'm not really a fan of the franchise anyway. The Woolery era (1997-99) might have been fun to do, but I feel like it's a lost cause.
  • The Gong Show (1976-80/1988-89) - my main hurdle was that as far as I know, there's no episode guides out there that list the airdates, panelists, and acts.
  • Extreme Gong (1998-99) - the fact they bashed ATGS for no real reason other than trolling them live on a national cable network, anyone? I mean, after the first time the producer said "Hey, it's all in jest. We love you guys, really.", but then the next night they did heavy-duty trolling by bashing classic Gong Show and all but outright calling ATGS a bunch of fat humorless virgins who do nothing but sit at their computer all day and will never get laid. And when the show got renewed, said producer gloated about it on ATGS in the most jerkish way. The only way I'd cover this is on a "Singles and Doubles Collection" page exclusively for Sony and other "barred" but scarce shows, and even then I'd probably spend the section just bashing the crap out of this mess.
  • The Joker's Wild (1977-86) - the Cullen era (1984-86) would've been somewhat feasible, as would Season 1 since it was the only one to use "Joker's Jive" (the 1974-75 main theme).
  • Pyramid (2002-04) - while I'd have taken "no returning champs" as a challenge (see the Louie Anderson Family Feud subpage), the taping sessions were shuffled up for broadcast (see Ryan Rinkerman's collection for some great examples, especially the Tournament shows) and the format was changed for no real reason. While the two seasons were distinguishable from one another (and early Season 1 discernible by the inexplicable lack of score displays on the desks), the show had so much wrong with it that I wouldn't have touched it regardless.
  • Tic-Tac-Dough (1979-85 period, Martindale) - I probably could've done Seasons 2-3 and 7 since they seem to be pretty well-documented, though I think the page would've eventually gotten too big for its own good.


...What, you expected links? :P