Hector Sandarti
Telemundo: 10/8/2006 - 5/26/2007
Endemol USA Latino

Vas o No Vas was a Spanish-language version of the popular show Deal or No Deal. This show featured a few more twists to the already popular format.

This version also used the traditional method of choosing contestants by selecting people from the audience and quizzing them before giving them a chance to start with the cases, unlike the English language version.

The payout was substantially lower than the English version with only $250,000 as the top prize.

Occasionally, after the banker makes an offer, another model dressed in red would make a "Tentacion" deal, and usually would offer something such as a car or other large prize instead of the money. Similar to the US except that the model(s) wore black.

Suitcase Value TableEdit

$.01 $1,000
$.25 $1,250
$1 $2,500
$5 $5,000
$10 $7,500
$25 $10,000
$50 $20,000
$75 $30,000
$100 $40,000
$200 $50,000
$300 $100,000
$400 $125,000
$500 $250,000


It used most of the cues from the English language version, by The Groove Addicts.


Based on the Dutch show Miljoenenjachtby Richard Del Rijk


The title translates as Go or No Go

Other VersionEdit

Deal or No Deal


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