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Syfy: 3/10/2009-10/7/2010
Granada America
World Cyber Games

WCG Ultimate Gamer (a.k.a World Cyber Games Ultimate Gamer) was short-lived, two-seasoned, eight episode-only reality competition series the pits twelve contestants against each other in a series of video game challenges in order to find the best "All-Around Gamer" in the United States.


The series featured top game titles from various studios and includes physical challenges that bring video games to life, as well as elimination challenges in an arena before hundreds of spectators. Contestants would embark on an intense and emotional journey, all hoping to win a prize package that includes $100,000; a Samsung Electronics package and trips for future World Cyber Games (WCG) events across the globe.


  • The series was originally titled as WCG Gamequest.
  • The series was a joint partnership between WCG and Samsung.
  • Mark Smith was the winner of Season 1 while Katherine Gunn was the winner of Season 2.


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