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Host & Inventor
Fr. Bob Reeb
Wow The Catholic Tv Challenge.jpg
CatholicTV 9/6/04 – Present (OTA in Boston but also available via cable on CatholicTV's national feed)
Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston

WOW: The Catholic TV Challenge is a Catholic-themed quiz bowl for the Boston area.

Based on a simple question-and-answer format, the present generation of WOW features a host and panels of three children at a time who attempt to answer questions around a common theme for that episode. The theme is called a "Wudabout" and is introduced by an animated canine sidekick by the name of "Nosey the Know-it-All Dog." The panel of three children compete for a period of five minutes, and the child who wins the round moves on to the final deciding round, called "The Final Challenge." Three separate rounds, each five minutes long, are conducted, with each round being preceded by an introduction of the individual contestants. Tie-breakers and special "Super Challenge" questions are delivered by the animated "Nosey." The winner of the final round goes home with a prize.


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