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John K.M. McCaffery (January–April 1950, March–June 1951)
John Charles Daly (June 1950 – January 1951)
Bill Shipley
Broadcast (CBS)
Radio: 2/5/1950 – 7/6/1951
Primetime: 4/1–22/1950, 6/9/1950 – 1/23/1951, 3/9/1951 – 6/1/1951
CBS News

We Take Your Word was a primetime game show where viewers sent in words and the panelists attempted to provide the definitions, derivations, and histories of the word.


A celebrity panel tried to guess the definitions of words submitted by home viewers. The home viewer was given a book prize for using the word and if the panel couldn't define it correctly, the home viewer won $50. Panelists were fined $10 for making any infraction of the show, including offending the host's judgement; however, they could cancel the fine by giving the correct definition of a word or the correct answer to a question posed by "voice of authority" Tony Marvin.


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CBS Studio 41, Grand Central Studios, New York City, NY


The show's first TV run in April 1950 was as an experimental program with John K.M. McCaffery as host. When the show returned for a regular run two months later, he was replaced by John Daly. McCaffery returned as emcee in March 1951.