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Arlene Francis (1938–1949)
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John Reed King (1940–1941)
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Mutual Radio (Weekly): 3/25/1938 – 3/17/1939, 1/6/1942 – 6/30/1942
NBC Radio (Weekly): 7/5/1939 – 9/27/1939, 11/4/1939 – 8/16/1940, 7/6/1941 – 8/31/1941, 2/21/1943 – 6/27/1943
ABC Radio (Weekly): 6/3/1948 – 11/27/1948, 2/5/1949 – 7/30/1949
NBC Primetime: 9/18/1950 – 6/29/1953
Louis Cowan Productions

What's My Name? was a quiz segment of The Paul Winchell and Jerry Mahoney Show, a popular variety show seen from 1950-54, although it began as a quiz show of its own on radio.


Jimmy Blaine
Patricia Bright
Sid Raymond
John Gart and His Orchestra
Milton DeLugg and His Orchestra

Format (Radio Version)[]

On this show, contestants attempted to identify famous people through clues given by the hosts. In the original version, identifying the name on the first clue was worth $10, and each additional clue reduced the cash value by $1.

In the 1948 revival, the top prize became $100, with the second and third clues cutting the value in half. At the end of the show, all contestants were asked a jackpot question that grew by $500 each week until won. The contestant had two chances to win it. If they failed on the first chance, they could call anyone in their "old hometown" for help. Winners split the pot with their friends.

Format (Television Version)[]

Contestants tried to identify famous people through clues provided by Paul, his dummies, or other regulars in a song or sketch. Players got four chances to answer. They won $25 if they got the answer on the first clue, less as more clues were performed.

By 1953, the format was altered so contestants played for $100 in bonds and got only one chance to answer. An incorrect answer won a $25 savings bond as a consolation prize. At the end of the show, a viewer was called to play for a "Mystery Name Jackpot" that started at $100 in bonds and grew by whatever wasn't won by the studio players.


The quiz was a segment of the show for its first two seasons, but became the show's overall format and title for Season 3.


International Theater, New York City, NY

YouTube Videos[]

A full episode from about Spring 1953