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Clifton Fadiman
Bern Bennett
CBS Primetime: 7/22/1954 – 9/9/1954
Peter Arnell Productions

What's in a Word? was a short-lived panel show where they tried to guess a word being thought of from a member of the studio audience.

Regular Panelists[]

Faye Emerson
Audrey Meadows
Carl Reiner
Jim Moran


A celebrity panel tried to guess a pair of rhyming words being thought of by a member of the studio audience. The panel was given a one-word clue to the noun portion of the rhyme and, to narrow down the possibilities, the panelists tried to make an association that was correct. Players received $5 for each clue given to the panel before they figured out the noun. At this point, Fadiman gave a definition of the adjective, and the contestant won an another $5 for each wrong guess until the panel correctly identified the adjective to complete the rhyme.

Taping Location[]

New York City, NY