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Ralph Story
Fran Bennett
Johnny Jacobs
CBS Primetime: 7/1/1954 – 9/23/1954
John Guedel Productions

What Do You Have in Common? featured three contestants (with something in common) who were brought to the stage and they had to determine what the commonality was by questioning each other.


Three contestants tried to guess what they had in common with a fourth unseen person (with the bond being show to the viewers at home to start). Contestants had three minutes to question each other to uncover the common link. It could range from a girl three men have dated to a photographer who took baby pictures of all three. Clues to the common bond were paid from a jackpot that started at $500. The first player to figure out the connection won whatever money was left.

Three trios appeared each week, and the player who figured out their own bond in the fastest time returned at the end of the show for a chance at an additional $1,000. They were shown three celebrity pictures on a screen that flashed one by one, and they had to figure out what they had in common.


CBS Television City, Los Angeles, CA