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What Makes You Tick? was an early quiz show where the contestants were quizzed about themselves.


Mutual Radio (Weekly): 6/6/1948 – 8/29/1948
ABC Radio (Daily): 9/20/1948 – 12/20/1948
CBS Radio (Daily): 12/27/1948 – 7/8/1949
ABC Radio (Weekly): 9/23/1950 – 3/31/1951


John K.M. McCaffrey (1948–1949)
Gypsy Rose Lee (1950–1951)

Announcer (1948)[]

Cy Harrice


Guests were asked to rate themselves on jealousy, tolerance, and generosity, and submit to a public analysis by a pair of psychologists.


Addison Smith, the creator of the show, drew inspiration for this show when he asked himself, "What Makes You Tick?", which eventually became the name of the show.

In 1957 a pilot was shot for a televison revival with Dennis James as host. Sadly, it never became a series.