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Fred Willard
Randy West
Unsold Pilot for FOX: 5/8/2004
FremantleMedia North America

"Ladies and gentlemen, and people in our demographic! It's time for the show where celebrities match wits, fill in the blanks and compare antidepressants! It's America's favorite new comedy show, WHAT THE BLANK! Starring Anna Nicole Smith, Andy Kindler, Laura Kightlinger, Zack Galafankis, The Coors Twins and Martin Mull. Now, the guy who's strong enough for a man yet made for a woman, MR. FRED WILLARD!!!"

What the Blank! was an unsold Match Game revival for the FOX network.


Main Game[]

Two contestants compete, facing the traditional panel of six celebrities (Andy Kindler, Laura Kightlinger, Zack Galafankis, Anna Nicole Smith, Martin Mull, The Coors Twins [Diane and Elaine Klimaszewski]).

Each player is asked a fill-in-the-blank question, though unlike other versions, there is no choice of "A" or "B" nor pun categories. Each question has either a photo for context, a small video clip attached, or is delivered via rap by either Willard or West themselves. Also the answers were written on electronic writing tablets instead of cards. Each match is worth 1 point in Round 1, 2 points in Round 2. The player with the highest score wins the game.

At random times during the show, various panel members' "thoughts" (usually sarcastic) were played as a voiceover during what would normally have been pauses during the show.

Super Match[]

The Super Match was played as it always has: an audience is polled, the top three answers are hidden, and the player can choose three celebrities for suggestions; they can then select one of them, or go out on their own. The most popular response is worth $5,000, second is $3,000, third is $2,000. The player then chooses one celebrity for a Head-to-Head match, with a successful match multiplying the winnings by five ($10,000/$15,000/$25,000). Also, a celebrity writes down their answer standing up instead of at their desk or podium.


FOX abruptly canceled the series before the show made it to air.
On May 24, 2013, announcer Randy West has one clip of his announcing as part of a demo reel he uploaded on YouTube. On May 17, 2020, Wink Martindale uploaded the pilot in full in commemoration of Willard's death as he passed away on May 15, 2020 at he age of 86.
The visual style questions and the Super Match payoffs have since been carried over to the 2016-2021 Match Game revival with Alec Baldwin.


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