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NBC Primetime: 12/19/2011 – 1/30/2012
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Who's Still Standing? was the American version of the Israeli game show called Lauf al Hamiliyon (Fly on the Million in English translation) where the GSN game show Russian Roulette meets the Toss-Up Round from Wheel of Fortune. One player (the "Hero") attempted to defeat 10 competitors ("Strangers") in a series of trivia showdowns and win $1 million.


The Hero stands at center stage, with the 10 Strangers standing around the perimeter and facing in toward him/her. Like on Russian Roulette, each participant stands on a trapdoor. The Hero must challenge one Stranger at a time. Bailey asks alternating questions, starting with the Stranger, with a series of partially filled-in blanks showing the words in the correct answer (similar to puzzles on Wheel of Fortune). The participant has 20 seconds to give the correct answer, starting from the moment Ben begins to ask the question. The answer must be given as spelled out in the puzzle (although slight variations in pronunciations are allowed). Multiple guesses are allowed, as long as the correct answer is given before time runs out (even if it is given unintentionally while thinking out loud).

The Hero is given two passes at the start of the game. Passing a question forces the Stranger to answer it, with a fresh 20-second countdown. Strangers may not pass; they must answer every question put to them.

Missing a question ends the challenge, and the trapdoor under that person's feet opens to drop him/her through the stage and eliminate him/her from the game with no winnings. If the Hero drops, the Stranger who defeated him/her wins $10,000. If the Stranger drops, the Hero wins an amount of money that is revealed on a screen at the Stranger's position once the challenge is over. The values for defeating each stranger are $1,000, $3,000, $10,000, $15,000, and $20,000. The value of each Stranger is based on the difficulty that the Hero is expected to face in defeating him/her.

Every second round is a "Specialty Round," in which all the questions and answers have to do with one particular theme or word.

Once the Hero has dropped five Strangers, Ben offers him/her a chance to leave the game with all money won to that point, or stay in and try to win more. If the Hero decides to stay in, he/she receives one more pass and will have another chance to leave after each new Stranger dropped.

The final three rounds increase the Hero's winnings as follows:

Strangers dropped Value
8 $250,000
9 $500,000
10 $1,000,000

In addition, the money awarded to a Stranger for dropping the Hero in these rounds increases:

Round Value
8, 9 $25,000
10 $50,000

If a game ends early, the remaining Strangers play a round among themselves. Ben asks a question to each one in turn, with 10 seconds on the clock instead of 20. Each correct answer adds $1,000 (later $2,000) to a jackpot, while a wrong answer drops the Stranger with no winnings. The last one left standing wins the entire jackpot.

There have been episodes where the entirety of the program consists of the Hero's head-to-head rounds against the Strangers, with the Hero leaving near the end of the program with Strangers remaining on their trapdoors. For such situations, a Speed Round is still played with the remaining Strangers, but the video is posted on the show's official Web site after such episodes air.


International Versions[]

Countries that previously had their own versions of Who's Still Standing? includes:

  • Arab World
  • Belgium (both Dutch and French language versions only)
  • Brazil
  • China
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • India
  • Israel (country that originated the program as Lauf al Hamiliyon)
  • Italy
  • Panama
  • Spain
  • Thailand
  • Turkey
  • U.S.A (Spanish)
  • U
  • Vietnam

Similar Show[]

Russian Roulette - Similar show that aired on GSN from 2002-2003


On May 13, 2012, it was announced that the show will not be renewed for a second season due to high production costs, despite having respectable ratings.


Based on the Israeli game show Lauf au Hamiliyon (לעוף על המיליון) Fly on the Million by Lisa Shiloach-Uzrad and Amit Stretiner


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