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FOX: January 3, 2005
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Who's Your Daddy? was a short-lived (and controversial), one episode only reality series where a woman (i.e. T.J. Myers) tries to chose her real life birth father from among eight men in order to win $100,000. (Keep in mind that this should not be confused with the Toby Keith country song from 2002 or the 2015 online game of the same names)


A woman (i.e. T.J Myers), who was given up for adoption as an infant, with an extraordinary opportunity to meet the birth father who also has been searching for her. However, before meeting her dad, the young woman will be presented with eight men who are all claiming to be her father where she must determine which one really is. And to keep her real dad from revealing himself from the start, there is $100,000 at stake for his daughter. She will have the opportunity to interview and observe the men, narrowing the field. If she guesses right, the prize money will be hers. But if she guesses wrong, the impostor will win the money. But either way, the daughter and her father will be reunited in the most dramatic and emotional way possible.


The show drew controversy from adoption rights organizations, leading to one Fox affiliate (more specfically, WRAZ in Raleigh, North Carolina) declining to air the series pilot, a 90-minute special. The first and only adoption was actress T.J. Myers. After the pilot finished fourth in the Nielsen ratings for its time slot, the network decided not to broadcast the other five episodes that had been produced. However, the pilot aired as a "special" and not as a "series premiere" so technically the series was cancelled before airing a episode.

Trivia/Things that happened[]

According to the United Press International reported that Myers "guessed which of eight men was her father. She guessed correctly and won $100,000".
Although only one out of the five episodes aired at the time, the rest of the five unaired episodes aired on the now-defunct FOX Reality Channel.


Just Spot Your Real Dad, and You'll Win the Jackpot
Contestant T.J. Myers talks about the show