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Syndication: 9/19/2011 – Present
Entertainment Studios

Who Wants to Date a Comedian? is a reality-based dating competition series where contestants vie for the affections of a stand-up comic.


The series uses a format similar to other elimination-based reality dating shows and plays on the notion and common preferences of single people that a sense of humor is key to pursuing and sustaining a romantic relationship by having stand-up comics as contestants choosing between three people vying to go on a date with them. The show periodically features routines performed by comics appearing on the program during each episode, either footage taped at Los Angeles area comedy clubs or clips originally featured on fellow entertainment studios-produced series Comics Unleashed and

In the first round, a stand-up comic is introduced and informs the viewer about what they look for in a mate. The audience is then introduced to the three potential suitors through video profiles, which often feature interspersed footage of the contestant engaging in leisure activities. The comic then meets the suitors (usually three women for a male comic, though episodes in which a female comedienne having to choose three male suitors occur on occasion), the dates are often held in simpler, though common locales compared to most reality dating series (ranging from a home to an amusement park to a bowling alley, with entire episodes set in one location).

After the comic is introduced to the contestants, the contestants give their first impressions to the comic. Following that, the comedian and all thee contestants go out on a date, this often results in the comedian finding out other personal details about their dates, so as to determine based on their personalities and their revelations as to who will be eliminated from the competition. All of the contestants will often end up doing fun activities during the date while impressing them. The group of three is cut down to two remaining potential suitors, who the comic will then continue the date with for the third and final round, in which the contestant has to impress their date. The show culminates with the comedian deciding which of the two remaining suitors will go on to go out with them on a second date.


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