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Host (Giles)
Gildart Jackson
Whodunnit 2013
ABC: 6/23/2013 - 8/18/2013
Dare to Pass Productions
51 Minds Entertainment

Whodunnit? (not to be confused with the short-lived 1979 NBC Primetime Mystery game show of the same name) was an equally short-lived reality mystery competition show that pits thirteen amateur sleuths against each other in a quest to solve a series of puzzling murders.


There are 13 investigators solving different murders each week. Every week, a guest will be "murdered", then the guests are given 3 places to investigate: The Morgue, Last Known Whereabouts, and the crime scene itself. After this they are given a riddle to solve that will reveal more details about how the crime was committed. Then the guests must state their case explaining what they believe how the "killer" committed the crime. All of the guests sit down in the dining room and then they are given cards showing them if they are spared or not. One guest who did exceptnally well is automatically spared. Then the other guests must show their cards, if their card says "spared", they are safe from being murdered, but there are also at least 2 cards that say "scared" (appears to have been written in blood as there are bloodstains on the cards). Whoever gets these cards are put up for elimination. The Killer confesses his or her identity to the last guest and congratulates them for winning the game. That guest leaves the estate with $250,000 and uses the golden cuffs to arrest the killer.


  • 12th Place - Sheri Marsh
  • 11th Place - Dontae Mosbey
  • 10th Place - Adrianna Iwasinski
  • 9th Place - Don Tabak
  • 8th Place - Ulysses Wilson
  • 6th Place (tied) - Sasha Horne
  • 6th Place (tied) - Dana Davis Blake
  • 5th Place - Geno Walker
  • 4th Place - Ronnie Padron
  • 3rd Place - Melina Alves
  • 2nd Place - Lindsey Anderson
  • Killer - Cris Crotz
  • Winner - Kam Perez


  • The Killer was Cris Crotz, a former Beauty Queen from Costa Mesa, California while The winner was Kam Perez, a Homeland Security attorney from New York City, New York.


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