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The Family Channel: 10/2/1995 – 9/21/1996
Woody Fraser Enterprises/
The Family Channel/
MTM Enterprises, Inc.

Wild Animal Games was a short-lived game show where members of a studio audience (mostly composed of kids) participated in various types of animal themed stunts and games. In addition, live animals were brought on stage and used in some of the stunts.


The stunts and games varied from show to show. Among the many stunts featured were two teams competing to clean the frosting off an elephant using hoses and players trying to toss a ball through a swinging tire suspended from the ceiling while sliding down a ramp into a pool. The top scoring player in each game received a prize.

Each episode was themed around a specific type of animal.


The same three segments were used on each episode, with the first two relating to that episode's animal.

Animal Stunt[]

Two teams competed in a stunt; the winner of which won a prize.

Animal Challenge[]

Two contestants would be shown a video or demonstration about the animal. Seacrest would then ask three questions to test their memory. They were worth 50, 100 and 150 points, in that order. The contestant with the highest score won a prize, while the losing contestant's friend or parent would be slimed with a substance.

Waterfall Prize Pool[]

This segment was played in two parts.


Six contestants would slide down a waterfall into the pool, attempting to shoot a ball into one of three baskets as they went over the edge. The baskets were worth 10, 20 and 30 points. Successful shots scored that many points, while hitting the rim of the basket still scored five points. If the ball missed the basket entirely, that contestant scored zero points. Each contestant had two shots, and the contestant with the highest score would play the Grand Prize Round. In case of a tie, the tied contestants each threw one more ball. Points didn't apply; the first contestant who shot a basket would advance.

Grand Prize Round[]

Ten pencils were thrown into the pool, as were ten balloons. The winning contestant had 40 seconds to pop all ten balloons, each with a different pencil. Success in doing so won a grand prize; failure to do so won a consolation prize.


Glendale Studios, Glendale, CA

Theme Song Lyrics[]

Opening lyrics:

Way deep in the jungle

You can hear the beat of the drums

It's the call of the wild

Calling you to have some fun

And go wild, wild, wild,

Wild Animal Games!

(after episode preview)

Wild, wild, wild Animal Games!

Closing lyrics:

Wild, wild

You can be a monkey

Wild, wild

Come on, let's get funky

Wild, wild, wild Animal Games!


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