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Sandy Becker (June–July)
Win Elliott (July–September)
Assistants (Postcard Girls)
Marilyn Toomey (June–July)
Rita Hayes (July–September)
Bill Wendell
NBC Primetime: 6/24/1958 – 9/9/1958
Win Elliott-Peg Mayer Productions

Win with a Winner was a short-lived primetime game show where five contestants (later four) played a question-and-answer game with the set resembling a race track. Viewers were also invited to root for their favorite contestant and possibly share in the prizes.


Each player attempted to be the first to reach the finish line. The game itself basically resembled a horse race. The contestants were each given the same question. A correct answer added the value of the question (usually $100 or $200), while an incorrect answer deducted that amount from their score. In addition, one contestant in each round was given the chance to double the value of a question. A running tally was kept of each contestant's score in the race, but only the winner kept his/her money; the runners-up received consolation prizes.

The contestants for the following show were introduced at the end of each broadcast. Home viewers sent in postcards with the name of the contestant they thought would win and (in early weeks), how the players would finish. Cards were drawn by a "postcard girl" during the show, and all of the viewers who picked the day's winner would "win with the winner" (hence the name of the show) and divide the same amount of money won by that contestant; also (in early weeks), any viewer predicting the correct order of the contest as finished in won a bonus prize.

Taping Location[]

New York City, NY