DJ "Cousin Brucie" Morrow (1975)
Jim Lange (1976)
Art James (1977)
Jay Stewart
Word Grabbers 1
Word Grabbers 2
Unsold Runthroughs/Pilots for NBC: 1975, 1/29-30/1976, 1977
Ron Greenberg Productions

Word Grabbers was a unsold show with seven celebrities, two contestants, and incomplete statements.


Each of the seven celebrities had a hidden word. A statement/question was read and the contestant in control picked the celebrity s/he thought will complete the statement. An incorrect choice caused a funny reaction while a correct choice scored a point plus a chance for that celebrity to answer the statement/question. Correct matches and correct answers from the celebrities also added $25 or $50 to the pot. The first player to score four points wins the game and the money in the pot, plus a chance to win more money in the bonus round.

Bonus GameEdit

The winning contestant tried to match all seven words to seven more statements in 60 seconds or less. The first win was worth $1,000, with a second win worth $5,000.


  • Word Grabbers was retried two more times in later years: once in 1991 as Class Clowns, and again in 2001 as The Smart Alecks.


Word Grabbers (1/29/76 runthrough) at The Game Show Pilot Light

YouTube VideoEdit

Second half of the January 29, 1976 runthrough

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