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Johnny Gilbert (KTLA)
Wink Martindale (NBC)
Johnny Gilbert
NBC Daytime: 9/28/1970 – 2/12/1971
Jack Quigley-Winter Rosen Productions

Words and Music was a short-lived daytime musical quiz where three contestants competed by using a 16-square game board.


At first, three contestants competed using a game board of 16 squares. Each square contained a clue that was associated with a word to be sung in a song (e.g., the clue was "right between the eyes" and the word in the song the players were listening for was "nose"). The first player to correctly guess the word after it was sung won cash and the opportunity to select the next clue. That player’s number (1, 2, or 3) would also be placed in that square and any player who could place four of his or her number in a straight line in any direction on the board (left to right, top to bottom, or diagonally) won a bonus prize. The game consisted of four rounds, each consisting of four songs in a given category, with the cash values increasing and category changing from round to round.

The player with the highest cash total at the end of the day won the game and returned to play again on the next show. In addition, if a player could win for three days in a row, then he/she won a brand new car.

Later, two contestants competed and each word spotted by either player won that player $100 and the right to choose a number from a board to reveal a letter in the name of a famous person, place, or thing. The first player to solve the puzzle won the championship. Both players kept their cash with the runner-up being guaranteed $50. Three-time champions won a bonus prize and six-time champions won a car.

Featured Singers[]

Peggy Connelly
Katie Gran
Pat Henderson
Bob Marlo
Don Minter

Creator/Music Director[]

Jack Quigley


NBC Studio 1, Burbank, CA


YouTube Video[]

A full episode (audio only)