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PAX: 10/6/2004-1/18/2005
Grammnet Productions
Nelson Page Entertainment

World Cup Comedy was a short-lived improvised sketch comedy competition show where it featured two teams of premier improvisers, who act out scenes and are scored by judges and the winning team moves on to the following week's show.


In each episode, two teams featuring the improv circuit's best comedians compete against one another using unscripted real-life scenarios usually performed on various sets, in specific genres of movies and television programs. The comedians must overcome the unexpected surprises while a team of commentators (Dan and Mary) offer the audience a play-by-play on how each team is faring and roving "sideline" reporter (Stephen) gives his hilarious commentary. Each show features six different rounds of competition voted by the audience with the winning team going on to face a new comic challenger in the next episode.


Actor Kelsey Grammer, best known for playing as Dr. Frasier Crane from the hit NBC sitcoms Cheers and Frasier, is one of the executive producers of this series.


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