Xuxa Meneghel
Name: Xuxa
Born: 1963
Birth Hometown: Santa Rosa, Brazil
Occupation: Host, Model

Born Maria da Graça Meneghel in Santa Rosa, Brazil in 1963, Xuxa (pronounced "shu-sha") is a Brazilian singer, actress, and television host. She is known for hosting shows centered around children.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Xuxa was born Maria da Graça Meneghel and "Xuxa" was originally a nickname given by her brother, which she would legally add to her name in 1988.[1] Her family moved to Rio de Janeiro when she was 7. Xuxa was discovered by the publishing company Bloch Editores and she appeared on the cover of one of their magazines, Carinho, at the age of 16, starting a career in modeling, however, she had a smooth crossover to the children's entertainment business, which she does to this day.[1] Her best friend is Luciano Huck, a Brazilian presenter working for Globo television.

Recently[edit | edit source]

Currently Xuxa presents the program TV Xuxa aimed at young people and their families. The show is broadcast on Saturday afternoons in "TV Globo". The presenter and singer, who gained fame with her songs for children, has not abandoned her child audience. She presents the program Mundo da Xuxa (World of Xuxa) - dedicated to children living outside Brazil. Mundo da Xuxa is broadcast in more than 115 countries by TV Globo International.

Xuxa's musical career also remains active. Currently she is an artist for Sony Music. She is one of the best selling artists of CDs and DVDs in Brazil. With more than 60 million albums sold in the last ten years, Xuxa sold more than eight million DVDs in Brazil. Occasionally she also performs concerts throughout Brazil.

Shows Hosted[edit | edit source]

Xuxa (Syndication 1993)

Picture[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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